Bouclair has moved to 1040 Wellington (corner Peel) in Montreal's Griffintown, a trendy neighbourhood in the heart of the action. In recognition of its Quebec roots, Bouclair has created Galerie B, a canvas to spotlight up-and-coming local artists.

Its mission: to showcase emerging artists and invite them to share their art with the community and inspire Montreal to discover new artistic horizons.

Come attend the creative activations of Concordia University's emerging artist where accompanied by DJs, the unique artistic creations will be presented in a different and surprising environment. Organized by LNDMRK, these activations provide emerging artists with a forum for their creativity and the community with an opportunity to discover new talent.


Octavious Jones work

Octavious Jones

Octavious is a sculpture at Concordia University.

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Emiliano Quesada work

Emiliano Quesada

Emiliano is an artist working with installation, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.

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Diane Roe work

Diane Roe

Diane is a multidisciplinary artist residing in the city of Montreal.

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Alice Zerini-Le Reste work

Alice Zerini-Le Reste

Alice is a multidisciplinary artist using mainly ceramics, drawing, and photography.

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Paulina Bereza work

Paulina Bereza

Paulina is a Polish born, Montreal based fibre artist and designer.

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